Saturday 14th March 2020
3pm – 5pm
at the Sunflower House, 45 Foord Rd, Folkestone CT19 5AE
Entry: £15 per person.

This is an occasion to learn about anxiety disorders, understand what anxiety is and discuss how to best manage it.

This workshop will show you various techniques, from basic breathing exercises to simple self-hypnosis techniques. You will have plenty of time to run through and experience the techniques. They are practical and easy to implement so you’ll be able to apply them straight away. You will be able to use those techniques for yourself, or help someone else manage their anxiety with those quick tips and tricks.

You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about anxiety, hypnotherapy or anything you want.

The aim is to empower the anxiety sufferers to regain control over their thoughts and over their life. Think of this as an anxiety first-aid kit.

Important: This is not group therapy. You will not be expected to do or say anything. There will be time for questions and answers, and if all you want to do is listen and keep yourself to yourself, this is absolutely fine.

As many participants will be anxiety sufferers, participants will be advised to respect other people’s personal space and privacy, and be mindful in their interactions.

The session will be concluded with a group hypnosis session using guided imagery to help you relax. Being a group session, no therapy is involved, but you will still get the benefits of proper relaxation, and it will help you with your self-hypnosis skills.

If you do not wish to participate to the hypnosis session, you will still be able to witness the others do it, and see for yourself what hypnosis is about before doing it yourself at a later date.

To book your place, you can use the button below, email, call us on 01303684056 or contact us via our Facebook page.