Anxiety issues: Why can’t I be normal?

Having anxiety issues does not make you abnormal, it might just mean you need some help. Besides, being normal is overrated! So if you need help letting go of negativity and regain control over your anxiety and your mind, give me a shout.

How to flatten a bad memory

We all have bad memories that triggers anger, shame, guilt, cringe or other negative emotions every time we think about them. Here is how you can easily turn that memory into “just another memory”, free from that emotional charge. All you need is a little bit of imagination.

National Stress Awareness Day

Today is “National Stress Awareness Day”.  While I can’t remove your source of stress, I can help you relax for a while. This 20 (ish) minutes video will help you go on a mini holiday, in the privacy of your own mind. See this as a well deserved time-out! All Lire la suite…

Covid-19 update

With another lockdown coming, it’s going to take a toll on people’s mental health.   Even if I can’t see you face-to-face, I am still available for online sessions. Hypnotherapy works just as well via Zoom. Since March, I’ve been doing the vast majority of my sessions this way with great Lire la suite…

Online Anxiety Workshop

Sunday 20th September 2020, 2pm-4pm This is an occasion to learn about anxiety disorders, understand what anxiety is and discuss how to best manage it. This online workshop, using Zoom, will show you various techniques, from basic breathing exercises to simple self-hypnosis techniques. You will have plenty of time to Lire la suite…