Asking the right questions

A very common question anxiety sufferers ask themselves is “Why?”. Why do I feel like that? Why me? Why can’t I be more normal? 🥺 “Why” is a dangerous question when you’re stuck! “Why” does nothing and leaves you where you are. Worse, your brain will always attempt to answer Lire la suite…

Anxiety and lack of sleep

Anxiety and lack of sleep feed off each other — they are natural bedfellows. Many people are familiar with this frustrating situation: your mind starts racing as soon as your head hits the pillow. Many things pop into your head: your to-do list, that thing you should (or shouldn’t) have said to your boss, Lire la suite…

Par Christophe, il y a

Tips and tricks against anxiety

Tips and tricks to help people deal with anxietyWhether you’re suffering from anxiety disorder or you just have an anxious episode like we all have every now and then, I hope you find them useful.(Facebook Live video)

Par Christophe, il y a

Hypnotherapy the Aikido way

I’m a coach at Genryukan Aikido and therapist at Folkestone Hypnotherapy.In this video, I attempt to explain the similarities on how to deal with anxiety with hypnotherapy, and how we deal with attacks in aikido.Thanks to Tom Davey for his help. Find us on Facebook: Folkestone HypnotherapyGenryukan Aikido

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