Nous croyons que nous pouvons vous aider à vaincre votre anxiété, votre stress, vos phobies et plus encore. Mais ne vous contentez pas de nous croire sur parole, voici quelques commentaires de nos clients.

Voici un échantillon d'avis laissés hors ligne, suivis par des avis laissés directement sur notre page Facebook,

I have visited Christophe twice - for 2 separate issues - both times the results have been amazing and long term. The sessions are in a relaxed, safe environment and carried out at a steady pace. Christophe listens to the problem and tailors the session to your needs. Highly recommend



I would like to thank Christophe for the hypnosis sessions. I felt fairly sceptical going into them, however, with an open mind came out of it very relaxed and like a huge weight had been lifted. I had therapy before this and found this far more effective due to the idea of driving forward and not dwelling on past experiences. If anyone is thinking about doing it, at the very least you will come out if it feeling good about yourself. Christophe was very calming and felt comfortable with the whole process. I Definitely recommend it, thanks again.



Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m'attendre, mais cela s'est avéré extrêmement utile. J'ai pu mettre en perspective de nombreux aspects de ma vie en examinant / traitant des problèmes passés d'une manière à laquelle je n'avais pas pensé auparavant. Christophe est professionnel et sympathique et en une seule session cela m'a aidé à réorganiser mes pensées pour remettre ma vie sur les rails. Dans les jours suivants après la session, je peignais / lisais / redevenais créative après des années et je ressentais un sentiment plus fort de me soucier de moi-même et de ma santé mentale. Expérience très positive et vraiment utile. (Remarque: je souffre d'anxiété / de crises de panique). "



Mon dieu! Ce soir, j'ai conduit la voiture sur l'autoroute. Ce n’était pas loin mais je me sentais tellement différent. J'ai passé rapidement la 6eme auquel je n'aurais jamais pensé auparavant. Merci de me redonner ma vie.



Salut Christophe. Juste pour vous faire savoir que j'ai réussi à aller à Tenerife pour l'enterrement de vie de garcon. J'ai passé un bon moment alors merci beaucoup pour toute votre aide, je n'aurais pas pu me passer de l'aide que vous m'avez apportée. C'est quelque chose qui a changé ma façon de penser et de voir les choses pour toujours. Je n'ai jamais pensé que j'aurais de nouveau mis les pieds dans un avion et de toutes les vacances que j'ai eu, c'est le plus loin que j'ai voyagé !! Merci encore



J'ai souffert d'agoraphobie et d'anxiété aigue pendant plus de 8 ans. J'ai suivi des thérapies différentes au fil des ans, j'ai traversé de mauvaises phases. Je pensais que les choses allaient cesser de s'améliorer. Je perdais l'espoir et ma volonté avec tout. J'ai fait une recherche sur le net ENCORE UN FOIS et suis tombé sur cette méthode. Je suis toujours en partie choqué par la rapidité et la sécurité de son fonctionnement et ca fonctionne toujours après 1 session, et je suis revenu à presque tout ce que j'ai toujours voulu. Je ne saurais trop recommander ce monsieur. 10 étoiles de moi! N'ayez pas peur, c'est relaxant, confortable et un plaisir tout au long. Merci beaucoup!



"Je l'ai fait! J'ai finalement obtenu le formulaire du médecin et je suis descendu à l'hôpital ce matin, une infirmière très gentille m'a prélevé un échantillon de sang, c'était beaucoup moins douloureux et beaucoup plus rapide que la réparation dentaire que j'ai eue la semaine dernière! Et j'espère que la prochaine fois, ce sera tout aussi facile.



J'ai vu Christophe à Folkestone Hypnotherapy et il était génial. Et je n'ai eu qu'une seule session. Cela vaut la peine de le voir si vous avez des problèmes d'anxiété ou des problèmes de santé mentale. Je le recommande définitevement à 100%.



J'avais des doutes, tout comme mon mari, sur la méthode de l'hypnose. Mais Christophe l'a très bien expliqué et nous a guidés tout au long de l'expérience. Mon mari, qui traversait une dépression, a trouvé des moyens de retrouver son calme grâce à de petits trucs et astuces. Ma fille et moi l'avons également testé. Nous sommes sortis apaisés. Je vous conseille fortement d'essayer !!! Merci Christophe pour cette gentillesse et ce calme qui émanent de toi!

Ninie Poussinette

Ninie Poussinette

I recently had just one session of hypnotherapy with Christophe. I was full of pent up nerves and anxiety when I arrived. Two hours later I left feeling liberated, and still am. YES it does get better.



Reviews left on my Facebook page:

    positive review  I am 17 years old and have struggled with exam stress at school, I have had 2 sessions and it has really helped and I have recently had exams that I am very pleased with?

    Suzy Grieve Avatar Suzy Grieve
    27th November 2020

    positive review  Wow! Thank you Christophe! I loved attending this session last week. I thought I was up to scratch with my own self-care and wellbeing but this taught me something different and I felt so relaxed afterwards. I was amazed at how hypnosis works; it was as if there was literally another 'being' who was present; to help me, guide me, and reassure me, and although I was sitting upright in a chair in my office, I didn't fall off! Christophe delivered this with an extremely reassuring, professional and brilliant manner. Thank you so much, highly recommended.?

    Caroline Tooley Avatar Caroline Tooley
    22nd October 2020

    positive review  Professional, informative and fun! I trialled a chronic pain session with Christophe via zoom & straight away he made me feel at ease & was very patient with me when I had the giggles. I admit that I wasn’t sure how just one session would help my chronic pain but I went with an open mind & amazingly in that session my pain had definitely eased! I was really surprised (what wizardry is this!?) We also did a “letting go” exercise which was extremely relaxing as Christophe took me on a beautiful, guided visualisation journey. So relaxing in fact that I also slept really well that night, for the first time in months! I definitely recommend giving this a go and will be back for some more sessions :) Thank you Christophe!

    Alice Fox Avatar Alice Fox
    9th August 2020

    positive review  I felt immediately that I could trust Christophe to help me with my problem of emotional over-eating. He'd been recommended to me by a friend who had successfully stopped smoking after hypnosis. I was sceptical at first that hypnosis would work for me but it seems to have done the trick! I have a clear vision now in my mind of myself looking and feeling much trimmer and better in three months, and am not now mindlessly reaching for extra food and drink. Christophe is very thorough in his approach both during the session and the follow up. I feel he really cares about his clients and genuinely wants to help them solve their problems.

    Joanna Sharpe Avatar Joanna Sharpe
    24th June 2020

    positive review  Day 10 tomorrow of giving up smoking and drinking helped and supported greatly by Christophe.The strategies, counselling and hypnotherapy have all helped me to deal with my habits and addiction.I highly reccomend this man he is a legend at what he does and I am truly greatful to him as are my children, family and friends.It can be done people and I now feel great ??Thankyou Christoph

    Laura Lee Franklin Avatar Laura Lee Franklin
    5th May 2020

    positive review  Christophe is incredible! His approach is friendly, professional and humorous. I was sceptical that I would stop smoking through hypnotherapy but after just one session I walked out a non smoker. Highly recommend a visit to Christophe to deal with anything you are struggling with.

    Rachel Boulden Avatar Rachel Boulden
    28th March 2020

    positive review  very informative and helpful session, christophe is great at what he does and anyone seeking some mental calmness should call him immediately. Thanks again Christophe.

    James Ginge West Avatar James Ginge West
    25th March 2020

    positive review  I needed some help in collecting my thoughts and putting goals into action. I saw Christophe for a 1-2-1 session. I felt that after the introduction, that hypnotherapy could help me. at the end of the session I felt warmly relaxed, content and as though I had paused my worries. it was a subtle and safe feeling. a week later & I've noticed that some old habits & insecurities haven't reared their heads as prominently as they always have, I feel more in control & able to take charge of my choices. I feel more in control as I'm no longer trying to control everything else! I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is at the point of making big lifestyle changes, but needs a helping hand to take the first step. I knew what I wanted to start, but felt held back by negative thoughts & fear. Christophe has helped me make a start, he gave me therapeutic tools that I can use if I feel things slipping back & of course the option for another session if needed.

    Samantha Stephens Avatar Samantha Stephens
    6th March 2020

    positive review  I walked in having anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. Felt immediately at ease. Was such a simple thing to do. With no stress or embarrassment. Walked out a different person. It’s been almost a week and i haven’t had anxiety or panic attacks at all. I’m sleeping better and generally feel calm and relaxed. I should have done this years ago. I cannot thank Christophe enough and would highly recommend him to everyone.

    Becs King Avatar Becs King
    30th January 2020

    positive review  I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing Christophe twice, as I thought initially I would need loads of sessions to deal with my anxiety after being domestically abused in a previous relationship. Straight away I felt relaxed and comfortable talking through my ordeal and how I wanted to regain my confidence that was almost completely destroyed. On my first session I literally left laughing and feeling so at ease and happy. I suppose the second session was just to strengthen the first hypnosis, but well worth it as again I left feeling empowered and full of confidence. Thank you so much for removing my anxiety and giving me the ability to deal with any future issues. I can not recommend Christophe enough!

    Joey Mitchell Avatar Joey Mitchell
    25th January 2020

    positive review  Very happy with Christophes approach and manner. He has really helped me.

    Alison Jane Avatar Alison Jane
    2nd December 2019

    positive review  Christophe is great, he listens to the issue(s) and tailors his advice support and hypnotherapy to the individual. He clearly cares very much about his clients. Thanks!

    Abigail Head Avatar Abigail Head
    28th November 2019

    positive review  After only one session I felt a million times better, Christophe really takes the time to get to know you and tailor the 2 hours to exactly what you need, he is super professional and positive and I would not hesitate in going back as he has helped me so much so quickly! Don't be skeptical, just book it!!

    Amy Perrin Avatar Amy Perrin
    22nd November 2019

    positive review  Lovely man put me at ease such a success for pain management. highly recommend

    Rebecca Dray Avatar Rebecca Dray
    15th November 2019

    positive review  I went to Christophe last week and after a 2 hour session I feel like a new person, amazing results straight away, I would highly recommend. Christophe is a lovely man, made me feel at ease and took time to listen and care. Can’t praise him and his work enough.

    Jo Silk Avatar Jo Silk
    11th November 2019

    positive review  has helped me after just 1 session. I recommend folkestone hypnotherapy 100%

    Elizabeth Joyce Widdop Avatar Elizabeth Joyce Widdop
    29th August 2019

    positive review  An Amazing session ! Very helpful professional and honest ! Really made a difference and in such a short time !

    Eliana Quraishi Avatar Eliana Quraishi
    18th May 2019

    positive review  I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked in the door. After my sessiòn I came home and thought ok , let's see what happens. Well I am truly amazed, I have NOT had any anxìety attacks since , this is such a strange feeling I do things and it's after I have done it I realise that it didn't bother me, I feel so much calmer and feel so unafraid of places that have been a nightmare for me for years. I really can't express how good it feels. Thank you so much.

    Toni Baker Avatar Toni Baker
    7th January 2019

    5 star review  Having been a little wary of hypnotherapy, Christophe was helpful and friendly. We discussed what I wanted to achieve - a better ability to settle into and focus on tasks - and the general reasons for my visit. The session itself was informal and friendly and incredibility relaxing. It has indeed helped me to focus better and improved my focus at work. Highly recommended.

    Toby Wilkinson Avatar Toby Wilkinson
    22nd January 2018

    5 star review  Christophe is an excellent and empathetic Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have experience of his wonderful work and can recommend him with the greatest confidence.

    Betty George Avatar Betty George
    6th January 2018

    5 star review  Christophe has a very friendly but professional manner. Put me at ease straight away and felt myself slipping away. I thought I was under for just ten minutes but nearly 45 minutes had gone by. I felt very positive, happy and full of energy for the next few days. I've had hypnotherapy several times before and Christophe is the best by far.

    Michele Brailsford Avatar Michele Brailsford
    6th January 2018

    positive review  Tres bon hypnoterapeute!!! A recommander sans hesiter.

    Johan Marie Avatar Johan Marie
    6th January 2018

    5 star review  Christophe helped me get clarity and make positive change in just one session. Excellent result.

    Gemma Swain Avatar Gemma Swain
    5th January 2018

    5 star review  As a person who suffers with general anxiety, I would highly recommend this treatment. Christophe was excellent in making me feel relaxed after a few sessions . I have noticed the improvement in which I can approach people with confidence now. Thank you Christophe!

    William YG Avatar William YG
    5th January 2018

    5 star review  After suffering from anxiety for most of my adult life, I was fortunate enough to be treated by christophe, after only three sessions, my anxiety was well under control, I also found a new confidence with his help, and am enjoying my life again. Can not rate this man highly enough, a genuine caring professional. Very friendly " can do " attitude. Well worth a consultation.

    Marcus Caplin Avatar Marcus Caplin
    5th January 2018

    4 star review  One of the first guinea pigs, I had a very relaxed session, Chris is very good.

    Marion Rietdijk-Bain Smith Avatar Marion Rietdijk-Bain Smith
    5th January 2018

    4 star review  Excellent, did a great job. Would recommend Christophe.

    Andy Renshaw Avatar Andy Renshaw
    5th January 2018

    positive review  I was very sceptical at first and convinced Christophe wouldn't be able to help me but after my first session i felt amazing. ..he was very kind and caring and so professional. ..I asked for help with my anxiety and he has helped me immensely. ..thank you christophe and good luck :-)

    Maxine Williams Avatar Maxine Williams
    5th January 2018

    5 star review  Excellent Hypnotherapist I have been a client of Christophe's and I rate him highly. He is competent and professional and has helped me make significant changes in my life. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future. Thank you Christophe.

    Trudy Glenister Avatar Trudy Glenister
    5th January 2018

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