My name is Christophe Courtin. I am a hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety and stress management, working face-to-face in the Folkestone (Kent, UK) and surrounding area, and also worldwide via online sessions.

Call me now for a quick phone or Zoom consultation with no obligations to assess if and how we can best help and support you. Hypnosis is safe, relaxing and enjoyable, making hypnotherapy an effective tool to help with various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits. It can help you deal or overcome numerous issues such as anxiety, stress, trauma, phobias, smoking, bad habits and much more.
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Overcome Stress & Anxiety

Constantly on high alert or having those dreadful panic attacks? Anxiety can be a living nightmare! Learn to relax physically and mentally thanks to hypnosis. We can help deal with the root cause of anxiety in a calm, safe and relaxing way. Stop suffering in silence, ask for help. It can get better. (more...)

Eliminate Your Phobias

Just imagine what you could achieve and enjoy if you were free from your fears! Some phobias can be very disruptive or debilitating. They might seem deeply ingrained and permanent but phobias can be dealt with rapidly and safely. Hypnosis helps you free yourself. Without fears, what are your limits? (more...)

Stop Smoking NOW!

Do you want to stop smoking once and for all? Are you tired of failing in your quest to be smoke-free, and seeing your health and finances suffer? Hypnosis a safe, pain-free and stress-free way to stop by tackling the addiction, and help you be free from cigarettes. Hypnosis helps you be free, healthier and richer. Regain control, choose life. (more...)

What My Clients Say


Anxiety & panic attacks

I walked in having anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. Felt immediately at ease. Was such a simple thing to do. With no stress or embarrassment.
Walked out a different person. It’s been almost a week and i haven’t had anxiety or panic attacks at all. I’m sleeping better and generally feel calm and relaxed.
I should have done this years ago.


Fear of flying

I have always been terrified of flying. Chris reached out to me and I agreed to have a hypnotherapy session with him. I flew on Thursday and from the end of the session with Chris, my preflight anxiety had reduced 99% and the flight was almost enjoyable, with no nerves or panic attacks at all. Thank you Chris and Bravo for an amazing job well done.


Stop Smoking

Christophe is incredible! His approach is friendly, professional and humorous. I was sceptical that I would stop smoking through hypnotherapy but after just one session I walked out a non smoker. Highly recommend a visit to Christophe to deal with anything you are struggling with.

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And breathe…

There are very simple yet effective techniques allowing you to manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Those are very useful as part of a mental aid first aid kit.

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Please feel free to call, text, email or message me if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have, and discuss your situation in a friendly, non-judgmental and confidential way.

Folkestone Hypnotherapy
The Folkestone Business Hub First Floor, Aspen House, West Terrace Folkestone CT20 1TH For clients further afield, sessions are done online using Zoom Meetings. Clients outside of the UK must bear in mind that my time zone is GMT (London Time).

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