This event has now ended. We will update this page for the next event once we’ve planned it.

I am pleased to announce an initiative started by the Up 4 Mental Health” charity, involving Genryukan Aikido and Folkestone Hypnotherapy.

“Martial Arts for Mental Health” will start on April 2nd 2023, 10am-11:30am at the Folkestone Business Hub.  This FREE activity is for people suffering from anxiety issues, regardless of gender, age, background or abilities. This will be a 6 weeks course, you can join at any time.

The aim is to participate in a friendly activity, with like-minded people. If you’re worried about feeling awkward, you won’t be the only one. You’ll be just fine and you’ll be in good hands. Christophe is a 2nd Dan Aikido instructor, qualified hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety issues, and ex-anxiety sufferer himself. The only rule is “do what you can“. No pressure, no judgment, just a bit of fun.

Social and physical activities can play a great role in helping people get better. Aikido is ideally suited due to its non-aggressive nature, and can teach people the principles of how to handle and redirect attacks calmly and with little effort. This philosophy can easily be transferred to helping people learn how to deal with anxiety as well, as demonstrated in the video below. 

(IMPORTANT: you will not be expected to be thrown like Tom in this video!)

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