Free Initial consultation

We can have a phone call or a video call before you commit to anything, so we can discuss your case and what hypnotherapy is about. A 15 minutes chat is usually sufficient to determine whether I am a good fit for you as hypnotherapy is a cooperative process.

How many sessions and how much?

Hypnotherapy is brief, solution focused therapy. It is cooperative in nature and the number of sessions required depends on the person and the type issue we are dealing with. Unlike some more traditional talking therapies, you will not need to see me every week for months on end! My aim is to help you as rapidly as is appropriate for you, without rushing you.
The way this works, as everybody is different, I always discuss what we need to address and advise on the best course of action. To make sure we can deal with whatever issue thoroughly and follow-up to maximise success, I typically offer a 3-session package for £240. Sessions last between 60 to 90 minutes.
Obviously, some specific issues can be addressed in 1 session, and a minority might need a few extra follow-ups later on.

Stop Smoking program

The fee for this program is £250.
This a program consisting of 2 sessions booked within 4 weeks of each other, each session lasting 2 hours. Most people find themselves free from smoking after the first session, and we use the second one to either reinforce their new habits or work on any leftover issue related to stop smoking (some people are happy to forego the 2nd session, being free from the habit after the first session).

As an example, here is how much you will save, assuming a pack of 20 cigarettes at £12.

10 a day 20 a day
£42 £84   every week
£182 £364   every month
£2,184 £4,368   every year
£10,920 £21,840   every 5 years
£21,840 £43,680   every 10 years

So if you usually smoke 20 cigarettes a day, just by stopping, you give yourself the equivalent of a £4,000 annual pay rise!
This doesn’t take into account the fact that cigarettes are continuously getting more expensive, and all the health benefits, longer lifespan, better quality of life, feeling better, looking better, smelling better, more energy, more enjoyment of life, etc…

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