A study by Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) shows that 88% of people failed to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions!
Even after being given various advice, the best results were only 34%…

We may decide to start on a healthy regime of exercising and losing weight and to start off with, our motivation is high – only for us to lapse at the first sign of temptation or stress. The same applies to stopping smoking, quitting alcohol and so on.


The reason it can be difficult for some is because we are all creatures of habits and, given time and a bit of stress, we revert to our old coping mechanisms.

So if you are genuinely serious about your resolutions, the “new year” “new me” thing, then you might need some help tweaking your habits. With hypnotherapy, you can stack the odds in your favour for a change! 

More often than not, we all “know” what we are supposed to do and how we should do it. There might be an issue with psychological inertia or an emotional part of you resisting the change. You know the one, that part that tells you:
Yes, maybe being fit will be better for you in the long run, but right now, that cake will bring you instant pleasure! Besides, exercising can be exhausting!

With hypnosis, we can look at any kind of psychological blockage but also help you find healthier and enjoyable ways to achieve your goals. You can negotiate with that part to get in on board instead of having it holding you back. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy allows you to tap into your own resources to empower you to move forward healthily, constructively and enjoyably.

If you’re interested to get some help achieving your goals, whether or not they are new year’s resolutions, just give me a call!

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Christophe Courtin

Christophe Courtin

Christophe is a hypnotherapist at Folkestone Hypnotherapy, specialising in stress, anxiety and depression management, working face-to-face in Folkestone, Kent and also online via Zoom. While specialising in helping people with anxiety and stress, he can also help you in many other areas such as phobias, smoking cessation, chronic pain, motivation, and low self-esteem.