People often ask me about the cost of my stop smoking program (currently £290 for 2 sessions). Some claim it’s too expensive.

Interestingly, they rarely know the true extent of the cost of smoking. They are often surprised when they look at they’re spending, not per packet but per year.

Basically, 20 a day at £14.50 per packet will cost you £5,292 per year. Yes, over 5 grand! And they are not getting any cheaper, are they?

When you call me, remember that my fee isn’t a cost, it’s an investment that will help you save money rapidly. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you’ll get your money back within just 3 weeks, and then you keep on saving. It’s not just reasonable, it’s a bargain!

On top of that, there’s the added bonus of being healthier, feeling better, looking better, smelling better, having a better quality of life for longer, having more quality time to spend with your loved ones or on your own, and being able to do what you want.

Hypnosis is not a magic bullet, but it is the most effective way to stop smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.
So if you need help stopping, just give me a call.

Quit Smoking And Save Calculator:
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Christophe Courtin

Christophe Courtin

Christophe is a hypnotherapist at Folkestone Hypnotherapy, specialising in stress, anxiety and depression management, working face-to-face in Folkestone, Kent and also online via Zoom. While specialising in helping people with anxiety and stress, he can also help you in many other areas such as phobias, smoking cessation, chronic pain, motivation, and low self-esteem.